Roadmap 2023

An overview of the high level changes and upcoming features coming to the DappRadar platform and to the DappRadar DAO

DappRadar is excited to share its roadmap for the remainder of 2023, which includes milestones such as PRO 2.0 and a renewed staking system, quests, and a DAO ambassadors program. This roadmap provides a clear overview of the changes coming to the DappRadar platform.

Q1 2023

In Q1 2023 DappRadar has introduced various new products that pave the way for future updates. DeFi platforms can now integrate themselves completely by tapping into our open-source systems, while product pages have been upgraded. On these product pages users can now find extra tabs and features, while PRO users get to tab into smart contract lists.

At the same time, the DappRadar API product has become more robust and feature rich. Without a doubt our API will enhance user experiences across products in Web3 and the more traditional market.

Q2 2023

  • A complete revamp of the Rankings will fundamentally change how DappRadar works, and this will supercharge dapp discovery, user experience and user acquisition.

  • We’re working on an overhaul of the PRO membership, which will become more akin to a premium membership like Twitter Blue or Spotify Premium.

  • We’ll launch a first version of our gamification product, tentatively titled DappRadar XPlore.

  • The DAO will publish corporate documentation, while also launching an ambassador program.

  • And we will launch our renewed whitepaper, which will give much deeper insights into our vision for the World’s Dapp Store and the tokenomics involved.

Q3 2023

  • We will launch Quests, a tool for user acquisition and dapp discovery alike, powered by RADAR.

  • Dapp developers will be able to enhance their product pages with a premium subscription, powered by RADAR.

  • DappRadar and the DAO will introduce a RADAR BuyBack program.

  • The DAO will publish its constitution, form a DAO Council and introduce Workstreams as part of DAO Treasury & Operations.

Q4 2023

  • Launch a Curation Dashboard, allowing community members to easily participate.

  • Enhance the creation of Quests with a Quest Management Dashboard.

  • Update the Airdrops, integrating new features and requirements to optimize the results.

  • Shift company operations and revenue towards DAO, while introducing the metagovernance program.

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