DappRadar tracks over 10,000 dapps across 40+ different blockchains. These dapps exist in various product categories or verticals, including DeFi, Exchanges, NFT Collectibles, Social and Games. From all these dapps we track live user data, transaction volume, trading volume, unique active wallets and so on. We use this data to create live and historical Rankings, giving users insight in what's hot and trending, what's possibly becoming popular, what's going up or down, and which products remain under the radar.

At the moment we offer a variety of rankings, each with a different purpose:


In the DappRadar Rankings you will find the following metrics:

  • UAW (Unique Active Wallets) - the number of unique active wallets interacting with a dapp.

  • Volume - the value of the tokens transferring in and out of the tracked smart contracts of the dapp.

  • Balance - the total value of the crypto tokens stored in the dapp's smart contracts.

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