Token Blacklisting

A guide on how the DappRadar community can contribute to blacklisting scam tokens, and removing them from the DappRadar Portfolio.

DappRadar uses tokens on various locations within the platform. Users can trade tokens using Token Swap or see all their assets in the DappRadar Portfolio. In their portfolio users can see the value of their entire wallet, combining NFT and DeFi assets with token holdings.

Within the blockchain community scammers try to trick users by sending scam tokens. They do this either to exit scam or to trick people in sharing their wallet data. General rule of thumb: never connect your wallet to unknown websites. If something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

You can help to blacklist tokens, and clean your portfolio on DappRadar. Here's how:

  1. Git clone the entire token blacklist

  2. Go to the "tokens" directory and select the relevant protocol

  3. Edit "tokens.json" and add the token address of the scam token to the "tokens" array. Please make sure that the token you add is not already in the list.

  4. Commit.

  5. Push the changes.

  6. Github will now generate the "all-tokens.json" file, which DappRadar uses to update its data and clean the portfolio.

Thank you for being a valuable part of the DappRadar community!

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