DappRadar is working with Layer3 to introduce the community to the first steps into the Contribute2Earn ecosystem. On Layer3 community members can find all kinds of bounties, ranging from technical ones requiring programming skills to more creative ones. Each of the bounties will require manual confirmation from the DappRadar team before automatic payment will take place.

For example, a bounty might require users to integrate an NFT marketplace into DappRadar. Therefore DappRadar makes certain systems opensource, allowing developers to contribute. After contributors have made their additions, the team at DappRadar will manually confirm and then approve correct contributions. Those who’ve had their contributions approved, will receive their rewards paid in RADAR, the native token of the DappRadar ecosystem.

Interested in joining the Layer3 bounties?

  1. Connect your Web3 wallet to

  2. Become part of the DappRadar community

  3. Sign up for a bounty, start working & submit your work

  4. Payment happens on a first come first serve basis

DappRadar and community, working together

DappRadar as the World’s Dapp Store is building an ecosystem powered by Contribute2Earn, a model that rewards everybody who creates content, curates dapps, reviews or even develops features.

With the amount of new marketplaces, DeFi protocols, NFT collections and games popping up across 50+ different blockchain platforms, it’s a daunting task to track it all. That’s why Contribute2Earn will play an enormous role in the future of the world’s dapp store.

With the help of communities and passionate individuals, we’re building a platform that will let the world discover decentralized applications. Everybody who adds value will get rewarded. That’s the power of Contribute2Earn.

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