Everybody who makes an account on DappRadar and connects their Web3 wallet, gets access to their DappRadar Portfolio. Here users get an overview of all their assets in one convenient package. The DappRadar Portfolio shows token holdings, DeFi positions and NFT collections on Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon. This makes DappRadar's Portfolio one of the most comprehensive portfolio management tools on the market, suitable for gamers, investors, traders, flippers, enthusiasts and new Web3 explorers.

The best of it all? It's free to use.

As we said, the portfolio supports various blockchains. DappRadar started with Ethereum, added BNB Chain in 2021 and is now adding Polygon in 2022. We expect to add support for more blockchain ecosystems in the future.

Each portfolio consists of three main components:

  1. Tokens

  2. DeFi Portfolio

  3. NFT Portfolio

The combined value of each of those components make someone's Net Worth. In the example above, Vitalik.eth own $13.01 million in tokens, $287.08 in DeFi and $59,696 in NFTs. This number combined makes the Net Worth of this particular wallet $13.07 million.

How to add wallets to you Portfolio

Not only does DappRadar allow its users to gain insights into their own crypto wallet, but users can also track other wallets. After making an account and connecting a wallet, users will see their wallet address at the top of the Portfolio. Here's what you need to do...

  1. Click this wallet address button, and it will open the Wallet Management. Here you can see your Watchlist, and the wallet addresses that have recently been viewed.

  2. Press "Add Wallet", to (you guessed it) add a wallet. Note, to track a wallet you don't need to own it.

  3. When adding a wallet, you can input a complete wallet address, for example 0x12345123451234512345. Or users can simply type the ENS domain name, which will show them the associated wallet.

  4. Press "Add Wallet" again, to add the new wallet to your list Watchlist.

  5. Once you're back in your watchlist, you can set a name for the wallet you're tracking. You can do this by pressing the pull-down menu, and then clicking 'Rename Wallet'.

By tracking wallets you can see what celebrities are into, keep an eye on the investments of your friends or learn more from trading professionals.

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