NFT Portfolio

The NFT Portfolio gives users direct insight in the value of their NFT holdings. Calculations happen through a combination of floor prices, last sales prices and machine learnings, giving the DappRadar NFT Portfolio a serious edge over the competition.

Users can see the value of:

  • their entire NFT collection

  • Each collection in their portfolio

  • and even individual NFTs

In the top left corner of the Portfolio it shows the total value of the entire NFT collection in a certain wallet. Here users can also find the number of NFTs in that wallet, and the value increase or decrease over the past 24 hours.

By pressing the drop-down menu, users can discover the value of each individual NFT collection in a wallet. In this example the owner holds more than $5.2 million worth of NFTs, and with 72 Meebits NFTs this collectors has $849,220 in Meebits.

DappRadar works with live blockchain data. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to filter spam and scams. However, we also need community contributions to help us become better. If you enjoy using DappRadar, we want to ask you to help us flag spam NFT collections. Learn more about Community Contribution.

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