DappRadar API

DappRadar allows third-parties to tap into its rich and clean data sets through the DappRadar API. Our API data covers decentralized applications, or dapps, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

DappRadar offers various packages, suitable for researchers and developers, but also for investment companies and enterprise solutions. Anybody can try our DappRadar API for free.

Features of DappRadar API

  • DappRadar tracks data from dozens of blockchains, using on-chain data to track, measure and analyze the performance of decentralized applications, or dapps.

  • Not only do we manually keep track of all the data. We also use Machine Learning algorithms to optimize our data and remove fraudulent spam transactions from the equation.

  • DappRadar uses Machine Learning to give users the best estimates of the value of their NFTs.

  • Data found on DappRadar hasnโ€™t gone through a rigorous analysis, itโ€™s pure and live.

  • DappRadar tracks 50+ blockchain platforms, ranging from Ethereum to BNB Chain, and from Avalanche to Zilliqa.

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Data found in DappRadar API

  • Dapp data, including Unique Active Wallets, transaction count, and transactional volume.

  • Dapp data also provides static information, such as social media links.

  • Top dapps data includes UAW, transactions and volume.

  • NFT Collection data, including trading volume, individual NFT sales, and number of traders.

  • NFT meta data of single NFTs within collections

  • Estimated value of individual NFTs, powered by our unique machine learning algorithm.

  • Token values, historical prices, static information and token metrics such as volume, market cap, price change etc.

How to use DappRadar API

Get started with the DappRadar API? Read the Documentation here.

From the Documentation it is also possible to switch between following languages to use pre-defined code snippets and call the API: cURL, Node.js, Javascript, PHP, and Python.

Example API use-cases

  • Dapp developers can analyze the success of their dapp against competitors, using metrics that are core to their business.

  • Companies can use the API to complement their existing products such as news pages, Web3 wallets, discovery platforms and so on. (example 1, example 2)

  • Product owners can add extended value to their products without spending an incredible amount of resources. (example 3)

  • Researchers can gain a deeper understanding of the dapp market, capture the latest trends, and leverage our vast amount of data to conduct more sophisticated analyses by implementing their own models.

  • Product builders can enhance user security during smart contract interaction by leveraging the DappRadar API. (example 4)

  • Analysts can utilize our actionable insights to optimize trading strategies, enhance portfolio management, and achieve data-driven decision-making.

  • Media can quickly identify valuable news and deliver the content in a timeless manner, further driving industry transparency.

  • Everyone can simply use these APIs to present tailored data information to their audience.

Clients using DappRadar API data include, but are not limited to, Opera Crypto Browser, OKX Wallet, Samsung Blockchain Wallet, and Blockchain.com.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Visit the DappRadar API page

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