DeFi Providers

DappRadar has open-sourced the ability to add DeFi dapps to the DappRadar ecosystem. DappRadar Open Source DeFi Providers can fully integrate their DeFi platform into DappRadar, beyond the standard dapp metrics.

Every DeFi dapp shows standard dapp interactions in its Overview tab, but the real action takes place in the DeFi tab on the product page. There users can find information about the TVL and market cap, but also insights about the most prominent tokens, and the liquidity for the top 5 tokens.

Follow these steps to add a DeFi dapp

  1. List the DeFi dapp on DappRadar - Be complete, add all information, optimize your page

  2. Make sure your dapp is listed on DappRadar

  3. Then use our DeFi Providers Github, and follow the README to see how it works

Support for DeFi dapps across chains

DeFi platforms can integrate on DappRadar no matter the blockchain ecosystem they built on. This includes Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, other EVM chains and Solana.

The integration of a DeFi dapp will function slightly different based on how the dapp functions. On the Github page the dev team shows examples:

  • Uniswap V2 clone integrations

  • Token staking contract integrations

  • Integrations based on subgraph

  • Integrations that use various smart contract method calls

  • Integrations where liquidity tokens are locked as TVL

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