DeFi Rankings

On the DeFi Overview page there are the DeFi Rankings. However, it also offers an overview of the DeFi market as a whole. On this particular page you will first see a chart of the TVL and Adjusted TVL. These two metrics say something about the status of the current DeFi market as a whole.

TVL, or the Total Value Locked, is measured as the total amount of crypto tokens locked into the blockchain's smart contracts. TVL fluctuates based on crypto token prices, and of course based on the amount of tokens locked into the ecosystem.

Because TVL fluctuates based on volume and value, measuring growth can be difficult. That's why DappRadar introduced Adjusted TVL. Instead of taking the token value into account, the Adjusted TVL freezes the value at the start of the measurement. So, when looking at the 90-day time period, Adjusted TVL uses the value of all tokens based on the first day of the time frame. This gives investors a better idea of market sentiment.

Below the TVL chart, users can find the DeFi Rankings. Here each DeFi protocol tracked by DappRadar gets listed, and we add new dapps regularly. Users can filter based on:

  • Market cap (CAP) - the value of all native tokens of the DeFi protocol combined

  • Adjusted Total Value Locked (aTVL) - Total Value Locked measured with steady token price

  • Total Value Locked (TVL) - The total value locked in smart contracts measured in USD

  • Market cap / Total Value Locked (CAP/TVL)

Take a look at the DeFi Rankings on DappRadar here.

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