Alerts allow DappRadar users to receive a notification when a new dapp or NFT collection launches within defined categories and blockchain ecosystems. This way DappRadar’s users can always stay up-to-date about all the dapps they are interested in.
You can Alerts in the left-side menu of your Portfolio.
Regular users
PRO users
create 3 alerts
create unlimited alerts
across all tracked blockchains
across all or specific blockchains
across all product categories
across all of specific product categories
receive notifications on DappRadar
receive notifications on DappRadar, Discord or Telegram

How to connect Alerts to Telegram and Discord

What else is coming to Alerts?

With this first version of Alerts, DappRadar has laid the groundwork for a more personalized alert experience. Later in 2023 DappRadar will introduce more custom alerts for dapps, allowing users to set alert triggers based on unique dapp metrics. Similar custom alerts based on on-chain metrics will be introduced for NFT collections as well.
Those with PRO accounts will once again reap the benefits of their membership, as they will then have access to a higher number of triggers and alerts. This will enable PRO users to create truly custom alerts based on their own preference, insights and analysis.