Token Page

The Token Page gives users all the market data they'd need about an individual token. It shows price changes over the past 24 hours, a chart with price movements over various time frames, and token data including Total Supply, Fully Diluted Market Cap and Circulating Market Cap.

Perhaps more important, it shows the All-time High and All-time Low for each token, potentially giving investors an idea of what's to come.

On the right side users with connected Web3 wallets can directly swap the token, using the integrated Token Swap feature.

Token transaction history

When visiting a Token Page coming from a Portfolio, you will notice two choices in the Transaction History section at the bottom of the page.

  1. Portfolio Wallet - shows the transaction history of that particular wallet for this particular token

  2. Connected Wallet - shows the transaction history of the user's connected wallet for this particular token

From the Transaction History users can click directly to the sending or receiving wallets.

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