Financial View

The Financial View in the NFT Portfolio gives investors, collectors and users alike an extra deep insight in the on-chain trading actions of a particular wallet owner. It allows users to look better at their own purchases, but also allows them to follow others.

The Financial View gives users insight in floor prices, spending, current value and the wallet owner's P&L, Profit & Loss. DappRadar provides this data for each NFT collection present in a particular wallet.

In the example above we take a look at Deadfellaz in the wallet of a certain owner. The floor prices increased 3.93% over the past 24 hours from 1.34 ETH to 1.4 ETH. This user owns 106 NFTs from the Deadfellaz NFT collection, giving their total Deadfellaz collection a value of 148.29 ETH or $307,520.41. However, they only spent 2.65 ETH or $8,457.95.

The Portfolio calculates the Amount Spent based on the crypto prices at the time of purchase. While the value of someone's holdings derives from the floor prices of that particular collection.

Based on the Amount Spent and the Holdings, the users will have a certain P&L. In this case this collector sits on a $302,028 in profit thanks to a 5,500% value increase since they made their purchases.

NOTE - DappRadar works with live blockchain data. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to filter spam and scams. However, we also need community contributions to help us become better. If you enjoy using DappRadar, we want to ask you to help us flag spam NFT collections. Learn more about Community Contribution.

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