DappRadar Browser Extension

The browser extension that helps you stay safe in Web3

The DappRadar browser extension increases awareness and safety for users interacting with decentralized applications. The extension verifies to see if the smart contract someone's interacting with, is also listed on DappRadar. In a future iteration, the extension will also allow users to contribute to DappRadar.

The DappRadar browser extension is currently in beta.

How to use the browser extension?

To fully utilize the extensive features of the DappRadar browser extension, it's essential to be a DappRadar PRO member. As a PRO member, you gain exclusive access to advanced functionalities and insights that empower your decentralized application (dapp) interactions.

Follow these steps to get started...

  1. Make sure you are a PRO member by staking 30,000 RADAR (check)

  2. Install the browser extension into your Chromium browser (download)

  3. Make sure you’re logged into your DappRadar account

  4. Locate the DappRadar icon in your browser’s tool bar, click it and open the extension.

  5. Navigate to ‘Settings’ by clicking the Settings tab.

  6. Authenticate your DappRadar PRO account in the extension. A verification message should appear.

  7. Now you’re ready to use the DappRadar browser extension

How to become PRO?

Click on the "Become PRO" button in the extension. This will redirect you to the DappRadar PRO membership page where you can learn more about the benefits & how to upgrade.

Discover PRO here

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