Through the left-side menu of the Portfolio, DappRadar users can find Tokens. Here they get an overview of the token holdings and its value in their particular crypto wallet. At the moment it's not yet possible to combine the value of multiple wallets, but of course users can track these wallets individually.

After pressing Tokens, users get an overview of all the tokens in their wallet and the respective value of each token batch. The overview also gives users an overview of the total value of their tokens.

The change in value for each token gets calculated over the past 24 hours. Next to each individual tokens there's a swap button, giving users quick access to DappRadar's Token Swap. This gives users the option to make their investments actionable, allowing them to buy or sell tokens based on newly obtained information and data.

DappRadar works with live blockchain data. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to filter spam and scams. However, we also need community contributions to help us become better. If you enjoy using DappRadar, we want to ask you to help us flag spam tokens. Learn more about Community Contribution and dive into Token Blacklisting here.

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