NFT Collections

Add NFT collections to DappRadar, make sure your favorite projects are being tracked.

DappRadar tracks hundreds, no thousands of NFT collections. Every day we add new ones, and still we can use your help. When you see that your favorite NFT collection is missing from the DappRadar NFT Collections page, you can make sure we list it.

Let's see how you can add an NFT collection to DappRadar:

  1. Fork the Github repository. This way you make a copy for you to edit.

  2. You also need to make sure you get an API key. You can get one by filling out this form.

  3. Build an adapter inside the "adapters/" directory

  4. Test the adapter code using the provided testing tool

  5. Create a pull request to the main repository

  6. The repository needs a structure where each adapter is separate from the other. For example:

    1. adapters/axie-infinity

    2. adapters/cryptopunks

    3. etc.

  7. Inside an adapter directory there should be at least two files:

    1. abi.json - ABI of the contract used by a collection or marketplace

    2. index.js - the adapter code

DappRadar currently supports Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Avalanche. For a complete guide on how to add NFT collections, please read the instructions on our Github.

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