The complete glossary for Web3 and DappRadar

The glossary serves as a starting point for those new in Web3, or those interacting with dapps for the first time. The glossary covers industry terminology, crypto culture, and of course an explanation of DappRadar's very own products and metrics. Do you know what UAW means?

2-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (commonly referred to as 2FA) is a system where a user will require separate methods of authentication to access an account or service. This is commonly achieved by using a password first and then using a code sent via SMS or generated through a 2FA app. At DappRadar we prefer to use 2FA apps over SMS, which is prone to scams.

Examples: Google Authenticator, Authy

51% attack

A cyber attack where a single entity gains control over more than half of the nodes or mining power in a blockchain network. This then allows the perpetrator to exclude certain transactions or to double spend cryptocurrency.

Read more: MIT Digital Currency Initiative

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