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4 September, 2023


  • Dive into our new Token Rankings, boasting not only a slick design, but also multichain support and all our filters. Yes, even the advanced ones. The search was greatly improved as well.

  • Experience a new, modular, Single Token Page with a time filter for the graph, that grants greater control over the viewing preferences. There’s also a new low-high chart feature to track a token's journey in a chosen time frame. PRO exclusive: you can now export chart data directly into CSV.

  • Streamline your analytics with the new Wash Trade Filter on the Top NFT Sales page. Select your areas of interest from the dropdown.


  • We did some small improvements and bug fixes after the new Single Token Page launch for a better experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

21 August, 2023


  • Verified. Smart contracts on Polygon and BNB Chain now receive a status check.

  • Sus. Spot tokens with low liquidity on Single Dapp Pages with our new warning icon.

  • By popular demand, the feature request is back. Now under ‘Contribute’.

  • Proudly introducing Coinbase's innovative Ethereum L2 protocol, Base, to our Rankings.


  • Our iOS and Android mobile apps have been updated with enhanced API integration for an optimized experience.

  • The API Version 1.10.0 was released with a series of additions. - The main token associated with each dapp is now available on the single dapp endpoint. - Tags are now included in responses for all dapps list endpoints. - Percentage changes are now part of all metric parameters. - A new metrics parameter was added to dapp search endpoints. - We've added a feature to request specific chain data in the single dapp endpoint response.

  • Our [DCP -14] Season 1: Ambassador Program has been settled. Find out more on the forum.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

7 August, 2023


  • Behold DappRadar’s new Explorer, an all-in-one dashboard featuring bite-sized, modular insights of Web3 industry trends. All at a glance.

  • FOMO? Get a sneak peek into the dapps that are yet to launch with our Upcoming page.

  • We now track NFT Aggregator rankings under NFTs category.

  • You can now explore the hottest collections of the Lifeform NFT marketplace on DappRadar.

  • We've expanded our chain integrations to include Oasis Sapphire.

  • Verify whether smart contracts, websites or names of dapps are tracked and available on DappRadar with the QuickNode marketplace Beta add-on, powered by our API.


  • Lost, but found. As you suggested, the NFT Collections are easier to access from the sidebar when exploring the NFTs now.

  • While we were there, we also added the Other dapps in the sidebar for better navigation.

  • UAW insights. You can find the new metric, Unique Active Wallets (UAW) per smart contract on the About pages, now.

  • Looking for the TVL code? It is also on the About tab.

  • The 'All' filter has made a great comeback in the NFT sales, exclusively for our PRO users.

  • The Top NFT Sales' Marketplaces filter was revamped. Hope you like what we've done there.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

24 July, 2023


  • Boosted Web3 projects now have a place to call home. Discover all staking-backed projects in the dedicated 'Boosted' tab.

  • Rankings now have a brand new Trader distribution chart included and the percentage change has been optimized for data readability.

  • We're sporting a newly integrated sidebar menu on our project pages for the sake of consistency.

  • Your NFT explorations just levelled up with the NFT API integration. There's better data, more categories, and refined filters on all our NFT pages (collections, marketplaces and sales).

  • Let's welcome Stargaze to DappRadar, a fully decentralized NFT marketplace in the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Introducing an exclusive PRO membership feature: The 1-hour range on the NFT sales page is now only available for PROs.

  • Even if in Beta, our NFT renting is now available for a limited number of dapps such as Zed Run, G-Bots by GAMEE, and Gods Unchained.


  • Manage and monitor your Alerts directly from Rankings. We’ve migrated this feature to be more at hand.

  • The Game rankings now display a new metric, transactions (txs).

  • More transparent TVL calculations. The TVL code is now at your disposal on our DeFi project pages.

  • Our [DCP -13] Extending Sushi LP rewards has been settled. Find out how on our forum.


  • On relativity. We've completely removed the 'All time' range on the NFT sales page.

  • We hear you. The 'Other' dapp group has been renamed following your feedback. High-risk, social, gambling and other uncategorised dapps are now 'Other Dapps'.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

10 July, 2023


  • Our migration to WalletConnect version 2.0 has been successfully completed without a hitch.

  • A few updates on Alerts will make your Web3 journey easier. - Expanding to more chains. You are now able to create an Alert for any chain that is featured in our NFT collections. - Rerouting. When clicking on an NFT collection, you will now be directed to the dapp product page instead of the NFT Explorer.

  • Join the conversation. In anticipation of the V3 migration, the [DCP-13] for extending Sushi LP rewards proposal is now up for discussion on our DAO Forum.


  • API Version 1.9.2 was just released with a few bug fixes. - An issue has been resolved where providing a chain parameter to the 'Get multiple aggregated metrics' endpoint would return the deprecated 'dappChainID' instead of 'dappID' for dapps. - We recommend the usage of 'Get dapps by search' endpoint instead of 'Get dapps by smart contracts', and supplying the smart contract as the 'smartContract' parameter. Learn more from the changelog or catalog.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

26 June, 2023


  • Experience rapid multichain dapp scaling with our newest SKALE integration, now live on DappRadar.

  • Dive deeper into the non-fungible universe with our newly integrated NFT marketplaces: Flowverse (Flow) and SentX (Hedera).

  • Introducing Market Cap Charts for NFT collections, now available on the NFT tab, to provide historical market cap data where applicable.

  • The latest addition of the Relevant rankings section on the Overview tab delivers better access to related dapp content and improves SEO performance.

  • There’s a new logarithmic scale toggle on the Industry overview and Chart pages, designed to optimize your trading analysis.


  • Alerts have undergone a major facelift to match the brand new Rankings chain and category selectors we’re so proud of.

  • PRO users now have the option to choose from hourly, daily or weekly Alerts inside the setup process.

  • Our FAQ section has been refreshed for better functionality. We also improved the look and feel of the most frequent questions and answers.


  • Something was off with the advanced filtering for the NFT gallery inside the NFT Explorer. We fixed it.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

12 June, 2023


  • Head over to our NFT rankings to explore the new Bitcoin Ordinals everyone's been talking about.

  • Small steps for Rankings, big steps for all. With our Rankings 1.1 you can enjoy an easier navigation with the new side bar and new Chart pages that include the data focused on group statistics for Games, NFTs and DeFi. We also wanted to bring more relevant metrics at a glance so we have a better placed DeFi TVL page as we continue to transition more DeFi dapps to this category. Plus an easier to find Industry Overview page.


  • API Version 1.9.1 was just released with: - an improvement to the filtering by chain on the search endpoint. Yes, multiple filters are now available. - an update to the NFT collections list filtering by smart contract.

  • Under the hood tweaks of the SEO structure to help with indexing multichain pages and ensure better visibility in search engines.

  • Kind reminder. Collect your rewards and unstake your RADAR tokens on the legacy V1 and V2 contracts. They are no longer active. To continue earning RADAR and access PRO, simply choose our new PRO staking.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

29 May, 2023


  • Discover three more NFT marketplaces with our newcomers, NFTier (Hedera), Flowverse (Flow), and Mavis (Ronin).

  • Introducing two brand new DappRadar API tiers, Trader and On-Demand, designed to fit your specific needs. Learn more from the changelog or catalog.

  • List any dapp on DappRadar directly from the product menu with the new 'Submit a dapp' option.


  • One less click to type. We’ve made it simpler to input keywords inside the chain selector search.

  • Several pages got improvements for SEO purposes. That makes them easier to discover now.

  • Great news, the [DCP-12] Ambassador Pilot Program has passed and is now in motion. We're currently interviewing and on-boarding our future ambassadors.


  • Some of you couldn’t see MetaMask if you also had the OKX wallet browser extension installed. We fixed that.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

15 May, 2023


  • Use your NFT as your profile avatar. Upload straight from the account settings and bring that swag to your DappRadar profile.

  • One more DeFi ecosystem is now part of our World's Dapp Store integrations. Give it up for Arbitrum, everyone.

  • Say hello to Kevel, our new advertising publishing platform that brings easier access and management to your ad performance.


  • Our API version 1.9.0 includes two brand new endpoints: - a search endpoint that allows you to find dapps by providing a website, a dapp name or smart contract and - an aggregated metrics endpoint that allows you to get dapp metrics in list, instead of one by one. Both very handy for building your own solution.

  • Submitting a dapp has never been smoother thanks to the new categories added and backend updates on the developer dashboard.


  • Some floor prices and market cap for NFT Collections were a bit off for the 15 and 30 minute time frames. It’s all fixed now.

Stay tuned for more updates as we improve your world of dapps.

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