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With DappRadar PRO you are always up to date on the latest trends in the Web3 ecosystem. Newly minted collections, sudden trading activity, increase DeFi trading activity, gamers flocking to a new project, with DappRadar PRO nothing is secret to you anymore!

Create your own Alerts

Alerts allow DappRadar users to receive a notification when a new dapp or NFT collection launches within defined categories and blockchain ecosystems. This way DappRadar’s users can always stay up-to-date about all the dapps they are interested in.

Receive alerts on newly published dapps through our Alerts feature. PRO users can customize their alerts.

Regular usersPRO users

create 3 alerts

create unlimited alerts

across all tracked blockchains

across all or specific blockchains

across all product categories

across all of specific product categories

receive notifications on DappRadar

receive notifications on DappRadar, Discord or Telegram

Learn how to setup Alerts for Telegram and Discord here.

Receive alerts on Discord

  • Gain instant insight into large NFT sales data (whale alerts)

  • Be first to know about new NFT collections

  • Simply join our Discord, verify your account in #collabland-join and start chatting in different channels. These are our PRO exclusive channels:

    • #new-dapps - newly listed (and confirmed by moderators) dapps on DappRadar. Lists all types of dapps from any chain

    • #new-nft-collections - freshly identified NFT collections on the ethereum blockchain

    • #nft-sales-50k-100k - live notifications for NFT sales from $50k to $100k.

    • #nft-sales-100k-1m - live notifications for NFT sales from $100k to $1m.

    • #nft-sales-1m-plus - live notifications for NFT sales larger than $1m.

    • #nft-mints - newly identified trending mints happening on the Ethereum blockchain. In this case trending means more than 50 mints in the collection in the past 15 minutes.

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