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RADAR Utility

How to use RADAR in the wider DappRadar ecosystem
As DappRadar develops, RADAR will become more integrated into the platform. And as Web3 finds more adoption and DappRadar strengthens its position in the market, it is likely that demand for the token will increase. The native token of the World’s Dapp Store will cater to a wide variety of individuals and organizations, including and not limited to dapp development studios, publishers, DAOs, venture capitalists, and researchers.
  • Governance - Use RADAR to create proposals for the future development of DappRadar. Everybody can participate in the creation process, and RADAR token holders have voting rights.
  • DappRadar PRO - Stake 30,000 RADAR to unlock the DappRadar PRO membership and gain access to premium services, information and data.
  • Boosting Power - The ability for users to show support for their favorite dapps, and increase awareness for new and upcoming projects. And the ability for developers to promote their project.
  • Buyback program (in development) - A share of the revenue coming from certain services will be used to buy back tokens from the market.
  • Payments - DappRadar accepts RADAR as a payment option for commercial or promotional services
This list doesn’t include future utility or features not yet developed. Read the whitepaper to learn more about the vision for RADAR.
Last modified 7mo ago