Liquidity Providing

QuickSwap V3

  1. Go to the MATIC-RADAR pool on QuickSwap V3

  2. Press "Add Liquidity"

  3. Make sure you provide liquidity to the V3 pool for WMATIC-RADAR on Polygon

  4. Select in which price range you want to provide liquidity

  5. Then select how much you want to deposit into the pool. Keep in mind, you need to provide equal value of both WMATIC and RADAR.

  6. Approve spending both tokens on QuickSwap (two transactions)

  7. And then finally approve providing liquidity.

  8. After providing liquidity you will receive a new token that represents your stake in the pool.

SushiSwap LP Staking

Holding RADAR tokens gives users access to DappRadar PRO, but token holders can also make their tokens work for them. Staking allows token holders to earn passive income on their holdings.

  1. Get RADAR and ETH tokens through our Token Swap or on SushiSwap

  2. Provide RADAR and ETH tokens in an equal amount of USD value in the RADAR/ETH pool in SushiSwap. You can do this here

  3. After providing liquidity, you will receive so-called LP tokens, in this case RADAR/ETH LP

  4. Stake these LP tokens in the RADAR/ETH farm. You will now passively earn rewards. Collect these rewards periodically. You can find the farm by searching for RADAR in the farms on SushiSwap.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide to staking and earning RADAR tokens, please read more about providing liquidity.

ApeSwap LP Staking & Treasury Bills

You can still provide liquidity on ApeSwap, but the Treasury Bills campaign has ended.

DappRadar has partnered with ApeSwap to launch RADAR Jungle Bills. This gives users a discount on their RADAR token purchase, while DappRadar gets company-owned liquidity for RADAR-BNB on BNB Chain.

When users provide liquidity in the BNB-RADAR pool, they can use their LP tokens to purchase a RADAR Jungle Bill. Each Treasury Bill is a unique NFT that represents the purchased tokens, which vest for 14 days. You could say it’s a yield-generating NFT.

This is how you buy a RADAR Jungle Bill:

  1. On ApeSwap, you can find RADAR tokens, which you can bundle with BNB to provide liquidity to the RADAR-BNB liquidity pool. You can do that on ApeSwap here. Each of these actions requires a small gas fee paid in BNB on the BNB Chain.

  2. Then, you will receive ApeSwap’s LP tokens in your wallet, representing the value you added to the liquidity pool.

  3. You can use the RADAR-BNB LP tokens to purchase a RADAR Jungle Bill NFT by going to the ApeSwap website > Raise > Treasury Bills.

  4. Click the Buy button for the RADAR-BNB Jungle Bill. The page shows the discount percentage buyers get on their RADAR token purchase and the vesting time. The vesting time will be 14 days for the RADAR Jungle Bills. Again, this purchase requires a small gas fee paid in BNB.

  5. Once you own a Treasury Bill NFT, you will find the Claim and View buttons on the corresponding page. You can claim any vested tokens from an individual bill using the Claim button, or claim all your tokens from various Bills using the Claim All button.

Visit ApeSwap and get started. Read more about the collaboration with ApeSwap here.

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