RADAR is available on Ethereum and BNB Chain. Anybody can move their RADAR from Ethereum to BNB Chain, and back using the bridge by Connext.

How to bridge RADAR between Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain

Bridging your RADAR tokens from Ethereum to Polygon and from Polygon to BNB Chain is now a simplified and safer process. Operations take place on Connext’s interface.

  1. Select your source blockchain (from) and destination (to)

  2. And specify how much RADAR you want to send

Keep in mind that bridging tends to be a costly process. Especially if the Ethereum blockchain is involved. When you want to bridge small amount of RADAR ($100 or less), the transactional costs may well be higher than the amount you will eventually receive.

How much does it cost to bridge tokens?

There are two types of costs involved in bridging tokens.

  1. Gas fees for making transactions on two blockchains (fluctuates)

  2. Router fees, for utilizing the liquidity pool of the Router (0.05%)

When you initiate and bridge RADAR tokens you will confirm a transaction on your side, and then pay for the two services mentioned above.

Why do you receive less RADAR on your destination chain?

As mentioned, Connext uses Routers who provide liquidity. These services ensure that bridging is done in minutes instead of hours or even days. You pay a 0.05% fee for those services. So when you bridge 10,000 RADAR, you will need to pay 5 RADAR in fees. That means that you will receive 9,995 RADAR on the destination chain.

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