How to stake RADAR

Not staking RADAR, but getting a PRO membership

Staking RADAR is not meant as a way to earn, instead users need to stake RADAR to unlock DappRadar PRO. The Annual Percentage Yield or APY is set in stone and doesn't fluctuate. However, token holders can voice their opinion in the DAO and have a say in changes to the platform. The APY serves as a benefit to DappRadar PRO members, who also get access to more data and tools to explore the marvellous world of Web3.

  • Go to and then go RADAR menu option, and click PRO membership.

  • Make sure you've created a complete account on DappRadar, which includes a connected and confirmed email address. Of course, connect your wallet.

  • If you don't have RADAR on Ethereum, Polygon or BNB Chain, simply click "Buy RADAR" to acquire the required amount of RADAR tokens. At the moment you need 30,000 RADAR.

  • Make sure the PRO Membership portal and your wallet have the same blockchain selected. You will see how much RADAR balance there is in your wallet. Now click "Stake RADAR".

  • Select how much you want to stake, but stake at least 30,000 to unlock PRO. Or simply select "max" to stake the maximum amount of RADAR tokens you have in your wallet.

  • In some Web3 wallets (i.e. Metamask) you will need to "increase allowance", signalling that you really want to stake a certain amount of tokens on the DappRadar platform. There's a transaction fee involved in setting this allowance.

  • Wait for the previous transaction to be processed by the blockchain. And now you can click "Stake RADAR".

  • Wait a few moments, and done. You have now become a DappRadar PRO member, and you earn interest on your staked RADAR holdings.

Keep in mind, the PRO membership can be activated on Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon. Out of these three, both BNB Chain and Polygon are cheaper options to use.

Note: Rewards accumulate over time and get updated once every 24 hours on the website. Earned rewards are shown per chain, therefore you can't see rewards from your BNB Chain holdings when your network selection is set to Ethereum.

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