V1 to V2 Migration

Migrate from Staking V1 to Staking V2

Starting from 24 April V2 Staking has been deprecated, and replaced by PRO Staking. Please create a ticket on Discord if you still have RADAR tokens locked in V1 Staking.


Cross-chain Staking V2 comes with a series of improvements regarding the signature and support for hardware wallets.

How to migrate?

  1. Make sure you are on the correct chain you have staked your RADAR tokens (Ethereum or BNB Chain)

  2. Identify the "RADAR Staking V1" pool and click "Unstake & Harvest"

  3. This action will unstake and harvest all your tokens and rewards from the V1 pool

  4. Give it some time for the unstaking to happen (avg. 5-10 mins)

  5. When the unstaking is completed, make sure you refresh the page

  6. Identify the "RADAR Staking V2" pool and start the staking process again

    1. Enable the token spendings

    2. Sign the transaction (should be much more clear & safe now)

    3. Stake your tokens

  7. Keep in mind that the gas fees that you have spent to stake initially in V1 were already reimbursed to your wallet (check the internal transactions).

Signature improvements

Users will now be prompted with a very clear and transparent information about what they are signing. The signature now supports EIP-712 structure.

Hardware wallets now supported

Hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger are now supported for staking.

The error that was shown by Metamask + Hardware wallet ("We were not able to estimate gas") is now fixed as well.


Q: What it will happen if I do not migrate my stake before the 2nd of August, 2 PM UTC? A: You will stop receiving rewards for your stake, but you will be able to unstake at a later time.

Q: How can I get my gas fees reimbursed? A: The gas fees for your initial staking in Staking V1 were already reimbursed to your wallet. Please check your internal transactions coming from this address 0x5f5cd726d6210E80924C08D5Cd114999f187c099.

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