Download historical data

PRO members have the ability to download historical data from a Single Dapp Page. They can download the following data sets in a CSV file:

  • Historical activity chart (UAW, Volume, Transactions)

  • DeFi historical TVL (TVL & aTVL)

  • Marketplace historical Volume (Volume & Avg. Price)

  • NFT Collection historical Volume (Volume)

The CSV file output has received a considerable upgrade from the previous iteration. Not only has formatting been improved, but users gain access to all charts on the Single Dapp Page, including dapp stats, NFT collection, marketplaces and DeFi.

PRO benefits

  • Users can export data from every chart to do their own data analysis.

  • Users can combine data from different charts and compare dapps or specific timeframes.

How to gain access and use the CSV file

Everybody has the ability to click the options-icon next to a graph. This will allow you to download a PNG of the current chart, or download the CSV. Users can only download the CSV when they have a PRO membership.

Once the CSV file has been downloaded, it can be opened in Excel, Google Sheets or similar open-source software like Libra and OpenOffice.

The CSV file always has the same data output.

Below you see a very small sample of the trading volume coming from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. You will see the trading volume per date.

You can for example download the trading volume of two different NFT collections

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club

  • Clone X

  1. Export the CSV file

  2. Import the CSV file into your spreadsheet software

  3. Create 1 column with the date, and then individual columns for the data sets from each NFT collection.

  4. Then use your software to create a chart, showing you which NFT collection has seen increased performance in the past week, month or any other timeframe.

Your output could look something like this:

Being a PRO member gives you access to EXCLUSIVE data, allowing you to enhance your NFT trading experience and discover unique buying or selling opportunities.

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