Boosting Power

Based on the amount of RADAR tokens users have staked, they will earn Boosting Power. Boosting allows users to show support to one dapp in our ecosystem. The more Boosting Power a dapp gets, the easier it will find the spotlight on our Rankings.

Read more about Boosting Power in our whitepaper.

Boost your favorite dapp while you're staking your RADAR tokens. Let's see who shows up on top of the charts.

  1. Stake RADAR to unlock DappRadar PRO

  2. Now "Select Dapp"

  3. Pick your favorite dapp from the list

  4. And press "Boost"

You can only apply your Boosting Power once every 72 hours.

Dapps supercharged by Boosting Power can be filtered in the Rankings by pressing "Boosted". Later this year DappRadar will introduce more features that will enhance Boosting Power and creates more visibility for dapps.

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