💡What is RADAR?

The RADAR token serves as the foundation for the DappRadar ecosystem, acting as a utility and governance token that empowers its key players, such as users, contributors, and dapp developers.

RADAR is the utility and governance token of the DappRadar ecosystem. RADAR empowers developers, partners, publishers, and users alike. The token launched on the Ethereum blockchain, and later arrived on BNB Chain thanks to our ground-breaking cross-chain staking initiative, with a plan to expand to other chains.

But why?

DappRadar believes that data is key to its ecosystem, and the RADAR token is being used to supercharge this circular process. The use of RADAR tokens will enable users to gain extra insights, more filter options, and powerful tools to discover the best dapps on the market. For dapp developers, RADAR tokens can be used to enhance their dapp page and expand their user acquisition capabilities.

A portion of the earnings generated by the RADAR tokens will be reinvested in the DappRadar DAO treasury, which will then distribute these tokens as a reward to users, contributors, developers, and curators. This circular economy is powered by the DappRadar DAO, which is an organization where all ecosystem actors can come together to contribute and benefit from the platform's growth.

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